“Truly, God was there on that special weekend. He must have been smiling down on us, seeing the love in everyone’s heart.”

“I can’t wait until the next Christ Our Life Conference. Every Catholic should experience it, to help them understand the richness of their faith.”

Tentative Conference Schedule

Saturday, September 29, 2018

7:00 am    Doors Open /Vendors open

7 – 8:15 am Reconciliation Available

7:40 am    The Holy Rosary

8:00 am    Music by Praise Band, Steve Angrisano

8:30 am    Announcements, Co-Chairs Marilyn Lane & Ellen Miller and Emcee Jon Leonetti

8:45 am    Music Prelude by Choir

9:00 am    Celebration of the Holy Mass, Bishop Robert Barron, homilist

10:30 am   Stretch Break, Steve Angrisano

10:50 am   Welcome Address, Bishop Richard Pates, Diocese of Des Moines

11:00 am   Bishop Robert Barron

12:00 pm   Matt Fradd

Noon – 5:30 pm Reconciliation Available

12:35 pm   Lunch Break   


  • 1:15   Hy-Vee Hall: (For Those with Disabilities and Caretakers), Renée Bondi. –>MORE INFO
  • 1:30 pm    Speakers: Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, Jimmy Balabre, Mary’s Meals Documentary (Audience: All COL Attendees); Arena

2:00 pm    Matt Fradd       

3:00 pm    Divine Mercy Chaplet, Emily Schmid and Steve Angrisano

3:20 pm    Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow and Jimmy Belabre

4:25 pm    Renée Bondi

5:15 pm    Dinner Break


  • 6:00 pm    Speakers: Cardinal Collins, Father Leon Pereira, Renée Bondi  (Audience: Adults);  Arena
  • 6:00 pm    Speakers: Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, Jimmy Belabre (Audience: Young Adults); Hy-Vee Hall

7:00 pm    Steve Ray

7:40 pm    Steve Angrisano

7:55 pm    Eucharistic Procession, Adoration and Benediction, Thomas Cardinal Collins

Sunday, September 30, 2018

7:00 am    Doors Open – Vendors Open

7 – 11:30 am Reconciliation Available


  • 7:15 am    Speakers: Marilyn Lane, Ellen Miller, Rénee Bondee, (Audience: Parish Outreach (Go To) Volunteers; Hy-Vee Hall

8:30 am    The Holy Rosary, Knights of Columbus

8:50 am    Welcome, Jon Leonetti

9:00 am    Thomas Cardinal Collins

10:10 am   Father Leon Pereira, OP

11:05 am   Break

11:35 am   Steve Ray


  • 11:35 am   Speaker: Lupita Barajas (Audience: Spanish-Speaking Attendees); Hy-Vee Hall.   —> MORE INFO

12:15 pm   Mass Prelude by Choir

12:30 pm   Celebration of the Holy Mass, Thomas Cardinal Collins, homilist

Storytelling & Music by Steve Angrisano and Praise Band
throughout the Conference